Tulfarris Golf Course and Pro Shop Improvements

Tulfarris Golf Course and Pro Shop Improvements

This tumultuous period sees our green keeping team undertake superb work on our Championship Golf Course and all the time adhering to social distancing guidelines.

We would forgive you for the thinking the green keeping team at Tulfarris has one job….to keep the grass cut! Our work goes way beyond early starts late finishes and making sure the tees, fairways and greens are some of the finest in Ireland. During this uncertain period of Covid 19 pandemic, our golf course is closed as per government direction, however, we have embarked on an extensive renovation work that will ensure that when the restrictions are lifted the playing surfaces, bunkers and facilities are in top class condition. You might ask, how we can accomplish this during the current lock-down? Rest assured that we are working one person at a time! Where work requires more that one person our green keeping team are working hard adhering to social distancing. It’s a slow process but will certainly be worth it.

What is it we have done?

Without getting too detailed we have worked on the whole course. The 22 fairway bunkers are currently being renovated. Talking technical for a moment, thirteen of the bunkers are now emptied of old sand and the drains have been exposed and cleared to ensure their good functionality continues. Once the drains are finished, a specialised fabric will be placed over them which allows water to flow through but blocks any sand and silt. When this is complete, the bunker base will be compacted with a whacker plate to reduce contamination to soil and stone. They will then be ready for the new sand which will be filled to the standard depths of 4 inches to the base and 2 inches to the sides. The sand we are using is from Breslin sand and is the same sand used in the green side bunkers which has excellent drainage properties allowing rainfall to flow throw quickly.

In addition, the fairways and approaches were scarified last month followed by a top dressing of 500 tonnes of sand. This sand has netted well into the surface and we are getting good spring growth. They are due a spring feed this week or next.

The Tee boxes have been verti cut and are going to be top dressed this week and next week. They have already been given an early spring feed and will be due another soon.

And our glorious greens were cored 3 times over the winter, taking out a large amount of thatch. They have been punched twice with a 13mill tine and heavily top dressed afterwards. Deep aeration was carried out last week to break up any compaction and to increase percolation, they will be verti cut this week or next and followed by a top dressing. The over-seeding that took place last September was very successful, increasing the percentage of bent grass in the sward. The over-seeding lines can be clearly seen in the early morning with the dew still on the grass. All areas of the course are being treated with a selective herbicide to kill of any weeds.

Please spare a thought for all the greens team next time you are treading our manicured fairways and replace divots!

Our pro shop has not been neglected in all this, as new shelving units have been installed and we have also completed an additional order of golf clothing and accessories from golf brands such as Ping, Srixon, Footjoy and Titleist just to name a few. Norma, as always is on hand to answer any questions you may have or to chat about future bookings.

Email: [email protected] Tel: +353 45 867 609

We are looking forward to welcoming you back soon. Exciting times ahead!

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