Food Provenance

Food Provenance

At Tulfarris Hotel in Wicklow, we are proud of our restaurant and the fantastic food we serve to guests. Pride in our work means caring about where the ingredients come from and our suppliers, ensuring quality and freshness in every plate we serve. Where possible, we look to use local, ethical suppliers to ensure our food is fresh, neverfrozen, has as fewfood miles as possible, is grown in a natural environment using natural means and of course, tastes fantastic. Let us introduce four of the top suppliers for Fia Rua Restaurant.

O’Neill’s Dry Cure Bacon Co.

It wouldn’t be a gourmet getaway in Tulfarris without finishing your stay with a delicious full Irish breakfast and nothing says breakfast like bacon. The bacon for our breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes is sourced from O’Neill’s Bacon which prides itself on meat that tastes fantastic and cooks the way it should. Their award-winning Irish bacon is cured by hand in Co. Wexford using their unique family recipe with a mix of natural sea salt and sugar. It contains 30% less salt than average supermarket bacon and as they don’t add water, no phosphates are needed. That means when we cook a delicious slice of O’Neill’s Dry Cure Bacon, it doesn’t shrink in the pan. With raw meat, recycling can be tricky, but O’Neill’s do what they can to reduce waste and as solar panels are used for power in the factory, less fossil fuel is used. What could be better than guilt-free bacon?

Ridgeway Farm

Owned and operated by John and Michelle Hourigan, Ridgeway Farm in Wicklow is home to a herd of Wagyu cattle that are fed grass and olive feed to produce premium quality Irish Wagyu Beef. Renowned for its marbled appearance, Wagyu is a tender and juicy meat with a distinctive, delicious flavour. Aside from the fantastic taste, Wagyu Beef has unique health benefits too with a higher ratio of healthy mono-unsaturated fats along with a high concentration of beneficial fatty acids compared to other beef products. As a local supplier, buying from Ridgeway Farm reduces what could otherwise be a large carbon footprint, importing frozen meat from an unfamiliar supplier. Ridgeway Wagyu cattle are fed a nutritious by-product of Olive Oil production by transforming environmental waste into sustainable feed for cattle. We use Ridgeway Wagyu in our restaurant to ensure the highest quality and most delicious flavours every time.

Ballymore Organics

What goes better with bacon and beef than some delicious homemade bread. We source flour for our bread and cakes in Ballymore Organics, whose mill is less than 6km from Tulfarris Hotel in Wicklow. They are a local organic artisan flour mill based near the village of Ballymore Eustace. They are proud of their organic, stoneground flour, a slow and traditional method of milling that preserves the nutritional integrity of the wheat. They have individual fields which are milled separately to retain the unique flavour imparted on the grain by the soil of that field. All of their grain is grown organically without any artificial fertilisers or chemical sprays meaning all you taste is the goodness of the crop. Their packaging is recyclable paper which means Ballymore Organics offers us low food miles and a chance to reduce our waste, as well as inspiration for some utterly delicious baked goods.

Mic’s Chilli

When we don’t have time to whip up some delicious sauces by hand, we rely on a trusted local supplier to provide a range of fantastic flavours for us. Mic’s Chilli is the proud winner of “Best in Wicklow” at the Blas Na hEireann 2022 Awards and has been providing Tulfarris Hotel with accompaniments to our gourmet meals for many years. Their sauces are lovingly handmade in our home county from the finest chillis the world has to offer. Their products contain no artificial flavourings, colourings, preservatives, or other nasties, just honest, delicious sauces to complement our dishes. They use green energy to power their factory and have a passion for waste minimisation and sustainable packaging. We’re thankful to Mic’s Chilli for their delicious sauces elevating the gourmet dishes our team of chefs produce.
If you’d like to book a gourmet getaway in Wicklow, Tulfarris Hotel has a package perfect for you. You can enjoy an overnight stay for two with a delicious 3-course evening meal and a Full Irish Breakfast served the following morning. Our Gourmet Getaway package is exclusively available to book on our website.

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