Enjoy Golf at a Social Distance

Enjoy Golf at a Social Distance

The Benefits of Regular Golfing

The past year has been difficult for many. With social interactions limited and gyms & sports clubs closed, what are we to do to keep ourselves active, connected and sane? Golf is one of the only sports that can be enjoyed while maintaining social distance and as a member of Tulfarris Golf Club you’ll also have one of the best courses in Ireland to practise your swing. To learn more about golf membership in our Wicklow golf club, contact our friendly team today.

Physical Benefits

Golfing is a deceptively active sport. Whilst you are not running around a pitch, it allows you to explore a 18-hole course on foot, carrying a bag and stretching as you swing. Paying golf regularly helps to burn calories and aids weight loss in a fun, safe way. It is an easily accessible sport, allowing those with limited mobility or low fitness levels to take part without much chance of injury. Walking, carrying your bag and swinging increase your heart rate and blood flow, which results in a healthy heart, enhanced brain stimulation, and improved balance.


Mental Benefits of Golf


Golf gives us the opportunity for physical exercise and social interaction which has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression. It also contributes to mental positivity and is a form of therapy for many. Being out in nature and in wide open spaces like golf courses is a calming influence. Spending time close to nature has always been a major plus of golf but has rarely been marketed in the past. There is nothing better than a walk in the woods to calm the mind and reduce stress. Some golfers spend more time in the woods than the fairway – but that may not be a stress-reducing exercise!


The reasons for members joining a club are changing. Before, members wanted to improve and become competitive golfers, entering competitions etc. However, 55% of people who joined a club in the last 6 months cited mental wellbeing as the reason. This is a testament to the huge benefits of the sport, both physical and mental. The golfing regulars are fast becoming one of the biggest reasons to join, rather than the golf itself. Luckily in our Wicklow Hotel and Golf Resort, we have the best of both worlds.


Social Distancing & Golf


Once the game has started social distancing comes naturally. If we were to monitor a game of golf before Covid -19, 90% of the time we would be more than 6ft apart by nature so the change in the way we play has been minimal. The government protocols on the prevention of Covid-19 are easily applied. Very little has changed in the way we play the game compared to other sports. With the exception of the odd handshake, high-5 or touching the flag, it is essentially the same game.


We walk down the fairway apart, mindful of each other’s space. Very rarely do two golfers hit the ball within 2 metres of one another. Once we get nearer to the flag one golfer can finish off (putt his ball in the hole) and step aside, giving his competitor space to putt. Social distancing can be easily maintained on the tee box also.


We ask all of our golfers to be mindful when meeting before the game, in and around the carpark & Clubhouse and while on the course. It is difficult for the club to enforce social distancing when there are no staff present but we strongly encourage it. It is up to the individual players to follow guidelines and make use of the equipment and procedures we have put In place for your safety.


In the Meantime…


At the time of writing, golf clubs across the country are closed, leaving golfers with no outlet for exercise or practice. Here are some of the ways we encourage our members to stay involved:


  1. Play putting games on the carpet & chipping in a bucket in the garden. The lucky ones use a net in the garden/garage to swing and hit balls.
  1. Stretching exercises are a great way to keep the body supple and ready for the return of golfing season. Start with some basic stretches, adding in more advanced ones once you feel comfortable. You should also go outside and walk every day. Wrap up well, wear waterproof shoes and don’t let a bit of rain stop you.
  1. Try online fitness classes. Check out MyTPI https://www.mytpi.com, and search for appropriate classes under drills and exercises’ in the health section. TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) is the worldwide leader in golf performance and biomechanics. Your local gym or fitness centre may also be running online classes. Do your research and pick an exercise type that suits your age group and abilities.
  2. Community is most important of all. Keep in touch with other club members through training sessions or video calls. Tulfarris Golf Club has a great community spirit with members looking out for each other.

To join a Wicklow Golf Club with a community of its own, join Tulfarris Golf Club. Our championship course, brand new changing facilities and most importantly the 19th Hole are ready and waiting for you when it is safe to return. Contact us by email [email protected] or call us today for more information on our golf membership plans +353 45 867 600.

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