Lime Tree Restaurant Wicklow

We are located in the heartland of organic and local suppliers, from sumptuous meat to the freshest of fresh vegetables. We all expect more from our restaurants and bars today, so it's comforting to know that, as far as we can, our food is sourced locally from our Irish farmers, cheesemongers and suppliers.

Imagine delicious pork belly from Tipperary, fresh fish off the boats in Howth, creamy cheese straight from the farm in Cork and freshly laid eggs from the farm up the road… mouth-watering.

All this means satisfaction, fun and great food are guaranteed!

The Lime Tree Restaurant

The Lime Tree Restaurant is a sumptuous blend of tastes and flavours where world cuisine meets the best of Irish. As far as we can, all ingredients are sourced locally from Irish farmers and suppliers. Our wine list is second to none with wines selected from large and small vineyards around the world.

The Lime Tree Restaurant is open each evening advance booking is strongly recommended. The restaurant is also available for private lunch parties.

Lime Tree Restaurant Menu

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To book a table, please call us on +353 (0) 45 867600